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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 4, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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that's not a fan belt. >> a bow wa constrictor climbs into a car. >> it's a problem with your constrictor, mate. it's a boa. >> see how firefighters finally free the snake. >> looks like a bad magic trick. >> yes. >> plus a man is clinging to the side of a rising hot air balloon in belgium. >> oh! >> find out how a misunderstanding led to his frightening flight. a yelling match turns into a massive crash. >> oh! >> he just rammed into him. >> discover what happened to the driver that lost his cool. a little guy hits the gym. >> doing it to impress a girl. >> oh, no. this early? >> find out the other reason
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>> i got to do what i got to do. >> i love him. here we go. >> this is a snake, isn't it? >> it's not a fan belt. >> that is a boa constrictor about 6.5 feet long and it is lodged between the engine and the frame of this car. it's a problem with your constrictor, mate. >> they film it through the wheel because the car owner said someone spotted it and took the car to the auto body rare -- repair shop and firefighters had to pull it out. it seems like it goes on for days until finally they get some leverage and it's coming out. >> it's like a bad magic trick. >> they say it was compromising one of the radiator hoses as well. so this thing is wrapped up in
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>> look at it. look at that beautiful snake. >> they take it by the tail and set it free. >> a little less intimidating. this little birdie is stuck in a feeder. you see its little body there hanging out the back. >> he got himself in and couldn't get himself out. >> so this family found it and this fellow is out trying to help it out. tools. frame. he's going to get a screwdriver and start to dismantle the bird feeder. there are bad drivers the world over, and i've got video to prove it. the first video comes to us from saudi arabia. the guy is in the left lane, fast lane, cruising along and suddenly things start to slow down up ahead. look closely. the car on the right's got the window down. there's some sort of road rage
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>> oh! he just rammed into him. deliberately rammed into the car on the right. we have no idea what was being said, but nothing, not even the worst mama joke in the world action. >> it was perfectly executed in a weird way. other people then quickly rush over to the aid of that driver of that car upside down now. reports say that the driver that caused this incident has been arrested but the speeds were so slow even though it looks like a rough incident. i don't believe there were really any serious injuries in this accident. crazy video also captured of drivers not on dash cam but this time on home security video when suddenly a car comes racing around off the street up and over some curbing there, doesn't look like it hit that car in the garage but it's not done.
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>> was that like a doughnut or like a slight-in maneuver? drivers? >> sadly, we don't have any yet. doesn't look like anything was damaged though. >> it's like me playing grand theft auto. >> you're not that good. there's some fields. some more fields. we have got all the fields in these videos. this first one, a young man sending a message to his brother in the navy serving his country. >> merry christmas, best wishes to you. >> they couldn't be together during the holidays. >> the dad is asking -- >> what would you say to evan if he was here right now? >> we would hug him so much. >> they're not looking behind him because that looks suspiciously like evan. >> do you miss him a lot? >> yeah. >> what's going on in the kitchen here? look to your left.
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>> they get a little blown away by this moment happening right there, but you see later on as they go into this gigantic bear hug, the older of the younger two gets emotional. he's wiping his eyes. he's so happy. he pretty much doesn't want to let go. they keep hugging, so happy to have their older brother back. >> lots of wrestling for a while. >> there can be no better reaction to a homecoming than that of the mother. another example right here. the person recording this trying to be subtle, pretending like they're not videoing with their phone. then a rather handsome young marine walks in the door. somebody takes her head and turns it and then -- you might want to put your fingers in your ears. >> ahhh! >> i think she's happy. >> she is definitely happy, you're right. >> some things that go up must come down but a roof isn't one of them.
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it is a snowy, windy day, but the wind picked up. it picked up part of that roof. >> it picked up the whole thing. >> it was a section of the roof. those cars, they ain't going anywhere. >> man, that one got secured. >> brutal. >> we do know no one was hurt and no one was in the car. that's the important part. >> now, some things that go up must come down like a hot air balloon. however, what happened here in belgium is unbelievable. it is a very windy day. you have two hot air balloons and the pilots are saying they were having a tough time keeping them down. that's somebody hanging off the side of that hot air balloon, that isn't a rocky refugee. they said they called people over to help them hold the baskets down. they couldn't do it because the air in the balloon got so hot, it started to lift off. that guy, since he's an iraqi refugee, said he didn't understand the words for let go so he was clinging on.
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people in the basket lift him up because they knew. >> somebody is falling. >> that's a piece of debris. that is not a person. a half-hour later that balloon landed in holland and the pilot drove the man back to belgium because he couldn't say his address. he didn't speak the language. the good thing is he was okay. they said he did not enjoy his maiden voyage in that hot air balloon. an owner and his dog have been reunited. >> he and tank are absolutely constant companions and have been for a long time. >> the heart warming story behind this special moment. >> he's like i knew you would come for me. >> plus -- the kiss, fire a gun >> we'll break break down some of the top songs of 2015 using household items. >> wow. full of guests on the way and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels
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i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. there's a popular genre of video on the interweb. it's one of those videos where an owner and dog are reunited. you know how the story goes, the dog loses its mind and goes crazy, but this video is a little bit different and a lot of bit sweet. >> look who it is, buddy. >> the video starts in just the same way they always do. >> it's your daddy! >> of course the doggy is happy to see them. but it's the reaction from john, the owner, that you see how much this means. >> hi. >> he's just overcome with emotion as he hugs his best friend. now, john rescued tank.
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from depression. john is in renal failure. he's in dialysis three days a week. he's waiting for a kidney, which means he and tank are absolutely constant companions and have been for a long time. now, what happened though is one of john's friends said over the holidays i'm sure he was going to a party or something, why don't you put tank in a boarding facility. don't worry, he'll be fine. but on christmas day tank popped the fence and disappeared. >> whoa. >> so he had to find him. >> there was a search that went on for days. there were volunteers and also a go fund me page i believe that was started by the woman who actually told him, it will be fine, put him in a boarding facility. she hoped to raise a little bit of money to get professional help to find this dog. five days later this magic moment right here. >> there they are. >> that's a big old dog.
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everybody just happy with a happy ending. >> sebastian anderson got caught in a tide and it yanked the good-bye gopro. it is now a piece of ocean trash. >> we know from these videos when the gopro goes under the sea it sometimes captured a cool video. >> exactly. it tumbles around down there, getting some really cool upclose video that sebastian probably wouldn't have been able to get if he swam on the surface. of course he doesn't want to give this thing up to the gods. he's looking for it as it tumbles around down below. it's got great shots of initial. >> disney movie, finding gopro. >> it doesn't fall to the bottom and sit there. it gets rolled around deeper and further away.
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along with the fish and for nearly an hour he could not find it but the camera eventually captured seb bass astian sebastian's eye and he reaches down, picks it up and yells to his girl -- >> found it! >> you found it, exactly. cool little video of a lost gopro being returned to its owner. >> directed by mother nature. >> youtube has introduced this to people who can do a lot of amazing stuff. check this for example. kiss, fire a gun we need someone to lean on >> he is singing "lean on" but being accompanied not by a band but using household items. >> his band is a band. >> yes, a rubber band. hello from the other side at least i can say that i've
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>> wow. that's so cool. not only did he do the music, he had to shoot all this and put the video together. what do you mean oh, when you nod your head yes but you want to say no >> he uses the oven, stuff in the laundry room like the dryer and the washing machine. he also uses a coffee can, the water faucet, baking pans, drawers, the sofa. come on don't believe me just watch aliens have taken over. >> so t this whole news report comes over the emergency broadcast system about an alien invasion. we're in trouble. >> the brilliant prank that would have you running for your life. >> run! >> i cannot believe that they are running from that mask, that cheap mask.
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>> it's a sled on a slide and whoo! >> see what happens next. >> whoa!
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there's been a roadblock set up in the middle of the country side. these guys are dressed like soldiers and he's approaching the guy to get off the vehicle. they're wearing gas masks. but then the emergency system goes off. >> the united states government has confirmed extraterrestrial invasion. >> we're in trouble. and then -- >> evacuate immediately. >> boom! a huge explosion happens in the field. a guy falls backwards, but then from around the front of the van van -- the soldiers are put to sleep and the guy is like i'm out of here. >> i can't believe he fell for that alien. >> a mask with a cape? >> this is what's going to take over the world? >> these two guys walking through the park when suddenly a bright light appears from above. smoke and bright light and these
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then as the light fades and the smoke starts to clear, these guys are like, okay, that was a little weird. >> let's get the heck out of here. >> they tried to sell it in all kinds of others ways. for example, this roadblock where there's nothing left but vaporized soldiers. this car comes up, a couple of guys get out. they are obviously a little confused. while they're not looking the alien comes walking up from behind and then -- hits them with a vaporizer and these guys take off into the forest like rabbits. >> i hope they saved some money in their budgets to pay for the therapy for these victims. >> you want to talk about therapy? how about this one? this guy pulls up, there's a body lying in the middle of the road. >> this guy gets out. goes to investigate. >> see, that's where he messed up. didn't have to investigate. >> as he's investigating, the light pops on. you can see some bodies moving. as these bodies get closer you start to realize this isn't right. these guys look a little bit
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the van and i'm out. he doesn't even swerve. this guy goes straight through. >> i'm going around you. i'm just not getting out. >> i love this video. it's from the guys from dm pranks. we'll stick the whole thing up and the behind the scenes video with all the reveals on >> i want to do this. >> whoa. oh, no. >> yes. >> holy -- are you crazy? >> certain death. >> it's a sled on a slide and whoo. >> that's a terrible idea! >> oh, my goodness. this was awesome though. i agree, now i want to do it. >> as opposed to the freezing river that's going to kill you.
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he didn't die. >> i could have gone full into that. >> beautiful powder, right? and this dude is going to come skiing across and hit that backflip. >> so close, too, actually. he was right there. >> i feel like maybe it's slightly bigger than that. kudos for trying. >> he needed more up and less oomph oomph. >> how is this person nearly going to kill themselves? >> let's just say whiepout! >> that's it? four seconds. >> that's all it takes to wipe out. four seconds. >> she's trapped in the bathroom but there's no wasting time. >> she's putting a video together.
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>> man. time for some training. >> i'm not going because i'm practicing on the bike riding. >> this is brody. why is brody really wanting to get in the gym and work out? >> trying to get stronger so i can -- >> so you can what? >> so i can be best friends. >> doing it to impress a girl. >> this early? >> i'm trying to get stronger so we can be friends. >> mom is like why, brody, go through all this. >> if she's going to yell at you, she's going to yell at you whether you're strong or weak. >> yeah, but not stronger than this guy. >> there's competition from an older man. >> i got to do what a got to do. >> there's your motivation for the year, guys.
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>> i love him. >> guys need to exercise. i'm still working out. >> while brody may be the gym inspiration of america, we're going to get a psa, one that's very important, you guys. >> hi, you guys. >> she's trapped in the bathroom and she's putting a video together, one, to warn other people, and two, maybe just evidence if she doesn't make it. >> don't let the doorknob be like that. >> you don't want it to be uncraziable. >> i'm mesmerized by the fact that she's doing this video. youtube.
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>> no word yet from the major news network to see if she has actually made it out of the bathroom. i'll keep you informed. >> don't do that because it's going to be really uncomfortable and you'll cry. >> this show is over but don't worry, there's plenty of videos available on we'll see you on the next "right
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